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Tamara Neal
Tamara Neal is a Certified Domestic Relationship coach,radio personality on Voice America Empowerment Network, domestic violence advocate, and the owner and founder of a full-service residential adult assisted living center. Neal learned to trust her instincts while employed as an emergency communication technician for the Baltimore County 911 Center. For years, she listened to screams and terror as callers bore the brunt of toxic relationships. In the seeming eternity between calling 911 and the arrival of the police, Neal was the only help available for the person on the other end of the phone. During this time, she received a national diploma in emergency dispatch.
Tamara's Magazine Articles
Meet the Author
Neal's dispatch experience gave her the authority needed to write Venomous Relationships, which won a 2015 National Indie Award of Excellence. She's also the author of The World's Top Ten Worst Men for Women Guide and two children's books, Friendship, which was a 2015 National Indie Award of Excellence finalist and Kinship. Her articles have appeared in CNN,Mind Body Green, WebMD,Chispas Magazine and Edge Newspapers. She has been interviewed on the national Jesse Lee Peterson Show, It's On Talk Show and has appeared on the Fox affiliate morning show, Good Day DC Fox 5. WBFF TV 45 and countless radio shows Nationwide. Neal currently lives in Maryland with her husband. 
Tamara's articles and special's have appeared in, CNN, Mind Body Green, WebMD Magazines and national news papers!

Mind Body Green Article!
I answered calls for 911 for 7 years and here is what I wish all women knew!
Tamara's CNN Special
Domestic violence has no age limit or favored ethnic group, and occurs everywhere.
WebMD Magazine 2016 July/August edition
Tamara's ground breaking domestic violence article appears in WebMD magazine July/August edition.

As an emergency communication technician, for Baltimore County 911, "hurry up, he has a gun," while simultaneously hearing shots being fired, was a common call. I regularly found myself the only help for victims as they bore the brunt of some of horrific domestic violence. 

Written with sensitivity and warmth, Friendship will encourage whole families to think about what it means to live in a world full of people with different abilities, viewpoints, income, and backgrounds. Specifically written for children ranging from kindergarten to third grade.
The manuscript for Kinship is a children's book that encourages love, relationship, and acceptance. 
The book is written in rhyming couplets and describes various relationships between siblings, cousins, parents, and grandparents and all families in the world.Specically written for children from pre-school to first grade.

Venomous Relationships 
The US Review of BooksThe World's Top Ten Worst Men for Woman Guide
by Tamara R. Neal
Trafford Publishing reviewed by K.R. Mecom

Neal doesn't intend to bash all men, nor claims that all men fit into one of these ten categories. The book aims to make women aware that there are dangerous men who can do women harm, both emotionally and physically. Neal often advises women on how they can escape these types of relationships, advocating turning to family and shelters for help. Ultimately, the book is about taking responsibility for one's life and choices.

As a veteran Baltimore County 911 Operator, I found myself often the only help available on the other end of the line while some of the most horrific acts of domestic violence occurred, until the police arrived. I wrote Venomous Relationships to prevent other women from facing the common, silent relationship heartbreak that I have not only seen happen too many of my friends, family, and acquaintances but have also experienced myself. It is often very difficult for a woman to admit that she is indeed being emotionally abused, particularly if she is competent and successful in other areas of her life. I needed to find a way to get the attention of women suffering from the silent trauma of emotional abuse.I believe that although the number of women that suffer from recognized abuse is overwhelming, far too many cases go unrecognized because when a woman suffers from emotional abuse, the emotionally abusive husband or lover uses a variety of tactics that damage her self-esteem, and she excuses inexcusable behavior. At that point, she wants to give her partner the benefit of the doubt rather than throw him out or expose him. This is especially true when the person is a good provider or has been good to her in other ways. We learn how to rationalize what has been totally irrational, and we become quite good at it.
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